Steelhead’s company headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located on 15 acres with immediate access to Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon. Our highly-skilled technicians, fabricators, craftsmen and managers are cross-trained across production lines and automated equipment including CNC high-definition plasma torches, CNC turret punches, CNC beam lines, radial arm drilling stations and press breaks.

Coatings & Concealment Technologies

Our paint shop is capable of coating the largest pole and tower sections using a specialized coating formulated specifically for galvanized overcoat. We deliver FAA specified and customer-driven matching color. Additionally, we have refined several proprietary techniques to create highly lifelike “sculpted bark” for concealment applications. Our multi-layered “resist process” creates a dimensional coating that models the dimensional, textural and color variation on natural bark. Working with suppliers and interpretive experts, we’ve perfected three basic “bark” types that can be further customized to exactly match trunks of surrounding trees including conifer and palm varieties.

Steelhead's comprehensive tower and pole services include structure and foundation design services with approved engineering documents, in any state, stamped by a registered professional engineer. Our extensive inventory of site steel and parts allows us to swiftly outfit virtually any tower or pole with antenna mounts, work platforms, fall protection, lighting, climbing ladders, antenna ice shields, bird nesting platforms and other components as specified by the client.