Production Stream Intelligence

Steelhead constantly raises the bar for performance, service and value in manufacturing and provisioning for the wireless, transportation and energy industries. To maintain these high standards, and to drive continuous improvement, Steelhead invests daily in the discipline of logistics. At the outset, all incoming orders are scheduled during a daily meeting of department heads from Engineering, Purchasing, Fabrication, QA/QC, Coatings, Packaging and Shipping.

Focus on Customer Communication

Involvement of all department managers ensures that you receive a firm delivery date for your order within 24 hours of receipt of your P.O. Daily scheduling meetings address every task associated with every job in production, across the entire production stream. We track performance indicators for each department and integrate that information into our product development system so that production data is available in real time to all members of the management team, and our customers.

Inventory, Staging & Distribution

Our warehousing and staging operation uses state-or-the-art inventory management systems for both raw material and thousands of site steel products. We carry a substantial inventory of plate, pipe, flat bar, angle, channel, wide-flange beam and other material necessary to quickly produce engineered steel to virtually any customer specification.

Premium Packaging Service

We consider our investment in packing equipment, material and training an essential component of our operation. We take great pride in, and our customers greatly value, our premium packaging service which ensures our customers receive flawless products and thorough documentation to speed on-site assembly.

Steelhead's comprehensive tower and pole services include structure and foundation design services with approved engineering documents, in any state, stamped by a registered professional engineer. Our extensive inventory of site steel and parts allows us to swiftly outfit virtually any tower or pole with antenna mounts, work platforms, fall protection, lighting, climbing ladders, antenna ice shields, bird nesting platforms and other components as specified by the client.