Steelhead provides professional engineering and 3D CAD modeling to a broad spectrum of wireless, transportation and energy clients. Few, if any, companies match our in-house design and engineering capabilities – or our ability to realize cost reduction, superior quality control and overall project lifecycle reduction through seamless integration of design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support in the arena of engineering steel products.

Sophisticated Tools & Talent

From our inception, we’ve emphasized engineering as an essential component of our integrated “design-to-destination engineered steel” operation. We utilize the latest hardware and software, and employ the talent to use them. Over the past decade, we’ve amassed an extensive database of “like projects” as reference models to streamline our engineering and detailing processes to the benefit of our clients.

Customer-Driven Tailored Services

Steelhead engineering performs structural calculations to verify compliance with IBC, CBC, ASCE 7-05, AISC, AWSD1.1, AWSD1.5, EIA/TIA-222, ACI 318-08, UBC, BOCA, SBC, NDS and other national and international building codes and standards. We tailor our engineering services to meet our clients’ need, including preliminary engineering studies, permit packages (foundation and structure design, stamped drawings and calculations), fabrication drawings and installation drawings. Because 3D modeling, detail and fabrication drawings originate in our engineering department, site-specific design modifications cycle quickly through the engineering department and to the fabrication department for swift delivery of component parts, original or modified. Our capabilities and experience include engineering of:

Wireless Engineering Applications

  • Monopoles
  • Concealed applications
  • Lattice & guyed towers
  • Antenna mounts
  • Site hardware including coax and wave guide bridges
  • Custom applications

Transportation Engineering Applications

  • Sign bridges & monotube cantilevered sign structures
  • Signal structures and platforms
  • Break-away sign posts
  • Bridge & overpass sign mounts
  • Seismic & bridge modification steel
  • Pedestrian & traffic rails

Energy Engineering Applications

  • Substation structures
  • Transmission line structures
  • Co-location poles & lattice
  • Wind energy monopoles
  • Solar array support structures

Mesa Del Sol: The challenge: Rotate a 4-sided structure around a 3-legged frame 90 degrees over 112 feet (see additional photo in our "Custom Wireless" section). Steelhead's design solution for concealment partner SCI and client Anthem Telecom, called for 14 uniquely engineered platforms rotating 6.42 degrees around the 3-legged tower. Engineering complexity was compounded by varying lengths of the platform support arms at every level. The final design and attendant shop drawings called for 115 individual weldments for each platform. Platforms were preassembled as they were completed to ensure precise fit with the underlying platform. Steelhead's attention to engineering, fabrication, preassembly and premium packaging resulted in a structure that was erected flawlessly on-site.