As the demand for innovation in custom wireless increases, Steelhead’s highly integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics operation delivers superior performance and capacity across a broad spectrum of custom wireless challenges. Our ability to quickly problem solve, produce and deliver translates to measurable cost efficiencies across a wide range of custom wireless applications including pole and tower upgrades (bracing, sistering and buttressing); unique co-location solutions, custom (adjustable) wall-mounted and roof-top applications; architectural, utility and “organic” concealed applications and other, client-specified solutions.

Custom Wireless Expertise

Steelhead has a proven track record of in the custom wireless arena as evidenced by our development of patented products and solutions including, the “QuickSet stand-off antenna mount for lattice towers; the world’s only mono-eucalyptus concealed tower solution, specification of monopole and lattice tower antenna mounts in the 2010 — 2011 WiMAX Guide, and roof-top platforms with adjustable extensions and wall anchors for safety and code compliance. As these accomplishments suggest, over the past decade, we’ve amassed an extensive database of “like projects” as reference models to streamline our engineering and detailing processes to the benefit of our clients

Genius In The Details

These are just a few of the ways Steelhead manages every detail associated with your project to ensure our products and services consistently surpass strict budgetary, engineering and time frame requirements inherent in the fast paced world of wireless network deployment:

  • Steelhead engineering performs structural calculations to verify compliance with IBC, CBC, ASCE 7-05, AISC, AWSD1.1, AWSD1.5, EIA/TIA-222, ACI 318-08, UBC, BOCA, SBC, NDS and other national and international building codes and standards.
  • We tailor our engineering services to meet our clients’ need, including preliminary engineering studies, permit packages (foundation and structure design, stamped drawings and calculations), fabrication drawings and installation drawings.
  • Our attention to logistics begins with our customer’s purchase order, extends to our delivery assurance and continues through coordination of delivery to the installation crew. Throughout the process, all parties are copied on all communication resulting in seamless delivery of design-to-destination steel.
  • Our engineered steel products are supplied nationally from distribution centers in Oregon, Texas, Florida and New Jersey, providing our clients with both freight advantages and speed of delivery.

Anthem Telecom approached Steelhead's concealment partner, SCI with this unique co-location project with the capacity to locate 6 carriers on a single monolithic tower (current tenants include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Cricket). The original sketch for the installation was rough, suggesting a design that was rectilinear. Steelhead's design and engineering department proposed the radial design shown here, which was immediately approved by the client. Engineering began within 24 hours. In addition to the revised tower design, Steelhead was asked to create more artistic ground level modeling for the pedestal and retaining walls, including orientation recommendations that would tie the entire installation together. 224 FRP panels attached to 14 platforms rotate 6.42 degrees for a complete 90-degree rotation over the 112-foot tower height.