Steelhead collaborates with SCI (RFTransparent™) on a wide range of wireless concealment products and assemblies. This alliance allows us to deliver superior concealment products across a wide range of applications. Our designs integrate wireless infrastructure into the look and character of the end user’s community or environment. Our concealment solutions include monotrees (pine, palm and Eucalyptus), faux water tanks, church and clock towers, light and flag poles and architectural features.

Diligent Design, Testing & Compliance

Our universal top-hat accommodates cellular or PCS antenna arrays, supports full horizontal diversity or polarization diversity antennas, and meets TIA/EIA-222 wind load requirements. Each top-hat is customizable to meet your specific technical and site requirements. When you choose Steelhead/SCI for your infrastructure concealment needs, you can be assured that we’ll deliver superior engineered products that are fully compliant with all applicable building codes. We provide rigorous environmental and RF testing from independent accredited labs. As a result, our products and services consistently surpass strict budgetary, engineering and time frame requirements inherent in the fast paced world of wireless network deployment.

Approval Process Facilitators

These are a few of the ways Steelhead/SCI enhance project momentum through the approval process. Naturally, we will tailor our support to any level of involvement desired by, or required by our clients and stakeholders:

  • We have supplied hundreds of tree poles and concealment structures throughout the western United States. We are fully versed in the intricacies of city, county and state codes and approval processes.
  • We can provide site photography with integrated 3D CAD simulation images that accurately represent our engineered products in place.
  • We can manage and coordinate permitting and special inspections. Additionally, we can produce compelling presentations for evaluation committees, decision makers and influencers. If wide dissemination of our design solutions is required, we can share electronic files, or set up password protected web portals for authorized participants.

Years of R & D by Steelhead and SCI/RF Transparent yield monotrees of unique realism and durability. Our branches not only vary in length, diameter and density, they are also set at varying degrees relative to the tree pole (trunk) with relative arc from 90 degrees to 45 degrees from vertical to achieve an asymmetrical pattern that mimics their organic neighbors. They are also set in a random fashion around the circumference of the pole. Our multi-layered "resist process" coatings model the dimensional, textural and color variation of natural bark.