Steelhead Metal & Fab, LLC was founded in 1999 by Microflect Company veteran Mike Kreitzberg (son of Microflect principal George Kreitzberg). In 1999, Mike and a core group of specialists with over 180 years of industry know-how launched Steelhead as a production-ready supplier of engineered steel.

Early clients included Valmont, MTS, Site Advantage, AT&T and SCI. In 2004, we gained our AISC certification allowing us to supply the transportation and utility industries. In 2006, we were certified as a Type I Fabricator by the city of Los Angeles and we have subsequently been certified by a variety of state, county and municipal agencies. Steelhead continues to attract top talent, expand its production capabilities, integrate technology and implement best practices to better serve its clients nation-wide..

When Marion County decided to upgrade the propulsion system for the historic Wheatland Ferry, built in 1850, they choose Steelhead. Conversion from onboard diesel power to fully electrical locomotion called for a completely new electrical trolley of Steelhead design, engineering and manufacture. Steelhead also provided poles, guy anchors and maintenance platforms for the project. Long a vital link from agricultural operations to canneries in the greater Salem, Oregon area, the ferry continues to offer an alternative river crossing, and a fully operational piece of Oregon's rich history.